Would you like to get more people to see your posts?

Getting attention on social is a constant struggle. To help make your content attractive and interesting for your audience, we’ve gathered here the tactics that will keep your audience engaged with your updates.

Analyze Your Own Social Media Content

You must put a microscope to your own social media content. Look at whether your social marketing strategy is effective. Are you getting enough likes, comments, tweets, and retweets? Are people commenting on your site?

A measurable indicator of engagement with your audience is with quality comments and social shares. Go to the brand’s monitor and look into the Engagement rates on under the Overview tab:

Engagements rates

When your updates has both comments and social shares on it, this essentially tells your viewers you have relevant and important information.

Having one without the other weakens your ability to convince viewers that you have engaging content.

Follow this analysis by taking a deeper look into the top content that got your audience engaged. Check the most popular posts under the Content tab:

Top content

How Readily Available is Social Sharing on Your Website?

A great way to propel your content to reach a broader audience is to make sure you have social buttons easily available to them on your site. If you make it easy to Like, tweet and +1, it’s more likely you’ll have a greater reach.

Partner with Influencers in Your Vertical

Engaging with an influencer in your industry can put your brand on the map. Get in touch with them by engaging with their updates or contact them directly by email or a direct message.

Influencer search engine by skill

On Klear you can discover who the top influencers are on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs. With this data in hand, you can strategically promote your brand in hopes of gaining the attention of influencers in your desired area.

Analyze Your Industry’s Social Media Content

Want to know how your competition is doing on social media and popular websites? If their content marketing strategy is working for them, can there be room for your content to outshine their content?

Using Klear will help you learn how well your competition’s content is being received on social media. With this data, you can tailor your content marketing strategy to outperform your competition.

Find the Right Guest Bloggers for Your Brand

Popular bloggers in your industry can help your content reach a greater audience.

The best part is, when you have an admired guest blogger providing content on your site, you can piggyback on their success and turn new viewers into customers.

find bloggers

How do you reach out to big bloggers? The key to social media marketing is reciprocity.

When you do small things for others, they will feel obligated to return the favor.

So, when we’re talking about reaching out to a prolific blogger in your field, engage with them. Some techniques include:

  1. Retweeting or tweeting their status updates
  2. Tweeting their blog posts, making sure to include a @username on Twitter or using tags in Facebook and Google+
  3. Connecting with them on similar networks and forums related to your industry
  4. Leaving quality comments on their blog posts to provoke a conversation