Authenticating Instagram Business Account With Klear

This guide will explain how to authenticate any Business or Creator Instagram account with Klear, allowing improved audience demographics data, authenticated posts stats and the ability to track Instagram Stories.

Please Note: Make sure “Connect Instagram Business” requirement is active in your campaign brief.

1) Invite Influencers to Join Your Campaign

In your campaign, go to the Connect Tab, select the influencer you want to invite to join the campaign and click the Invite To Campaign button. You can also send a bulk invite through the broadcast tab.

The Reply To, subject and message fields are fully customizable. After you are done editing your invite, click the Send Invite button.

Influencers will receive an email from your name and all replies will be directed to you. The Join the campaign button will direct influencers to Klear.

2) Sign Up To Klear

Influencers will arrive to a branded landing page, explaining the purpose of using Klear and a Sign Up button.

Influencers will create a Klear account by filling a simple form.

3) Authenticating Instagram Bussiness Account

After creating their account, influencers will see the campaign brief with a requirement to connect Instagram Business. Clicking the requirement will start the authentication process.

Clicking the Instagram Business button will redirect influencers to Facebook, connecting their account using the official network API.

Login to Facebook to authenticate your Instagram Business account. If you are already connected to Facebook on the browser, this screen won’t appear.

Facebook will ask to make sure you are connected to the correct account.

If you have more than one Instagram Bussiness accounts, click “Choose what you allow” to select the correct account.

Make sure to enable Access your Page and App Insight” and click OK.

Great! your Instagram Business account is now authenticated with Klear.

Download a PDF version of this guide

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