How to Create a Campaign PDF Report?

Klear helps you measure and report how well your influencer campaign is performing. Our PDF reports provide all the highlights from the campaign, including a performance analysis of the influencers who joined the campaign. The campaign report is sent directly to your email on demand.

Here’s what to expect in the Campaign Report:

  • A campaign summary: how many influencers participated in the campaign
  • Number of updates the influencers posted during the campaign
  • Engagement metrics
  • Number of people who saw the content

The report also includes a drill-down analysis for each and every influencer. For each influencer the report will show:

  • Who they are
  • Their area of expertise
  • Their fanbase across different social networks
  • Top posts during the campaign
  • Engagements for these updates
  • A direct link to the influencer’s profile on Klear

Here’s an example of a PDF report after a Starbucks holidays #RedCupArt campaign:

How to Get a Campaign Report to Your Email:

1. Create a Campaign Monitor

Before creating a report, make sure you have an active monitor after the relevant campaign. Need help setting up a campaign monitor? Read the short guide: How To Configure Keyword Monitors.

2. Add People to a List

When you have an active monitor, add the people who mentioned the campaign’s keywords to a list. There are two ways to add people to a list – individually, or in bulks. Here’s a refresher on both options:

Add people to a list 

Now that we are all set, here’s how to create a campaign report:

3. Go to the Lists tab

Lists Tab 

4. Select a List

3 - Choose a List 

5. Select the Campaign monitor

 4 - Choose the campaign monitor

6. Send Report

Verify that your email address is set correctly. Click the PDF Report button:

6 - Send a PDF report


That’s it, the report is on its way. Check your email!