Content Approval – Brand Side

This guide will explain how to manage Content Approval in your campaigns.
follow this link for more information on how influencers send content for approval.

1) Activate Content Approval

Go the campaign in which you want to use the content approval feature and click on Edit Campaign.

Scroll to the bottom of the setting section and click on Edit Brief.

Select the Content Approval Requirement to turn it on. Influencers in this campaign can now send content for approval using Klear.

2) Approve Or Decline Content

You will get an email notification whenever an influencer sends you content for approval. follow the notification link to see the actual content in your campaign.

Click on Manage Content to review the content in full size.

After you made sure the content follows all of the campaign guidelines, click the Approve button.
If the content doesn’t fit your requirement, click the Decline button and suggest a revision.

The influencer will receive a Klear message and an email notification with your response.

Use the Content tab to revisit and manage all the content sent for approval in your campaign.

Download a PDF version of this guide

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