Content Approval – Influencer Side

This guide will explain how influencers can send content for approval using Klear.
follow this link for more information on how brands manage content approval in campaigns.

Upload Content For Approval

After accepting a campaign invite, look for the Content Approval requirement at the top of the campaign brief and click on it to upload your 1st content.

Click Add file to upload your image or video. select the network you will publish on and enter the post text. after you made sure everything is in place and your content follows the campaign guidelines, click the Send for approval button.

After you have sent your 1st content for approval the Content Approval requirement will be marked as done.

Go to the content tab to see pending, approved and declined content.
Use the Upload new post button to send new content for approval.

You will receive a Klear message and an email notification whenever a brand approves or decline your content.

Download a PDF version of this guide

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