What if I want phone support?

We offer phone support to our Enterprise plan members. If you’re on one of those plans, you can schedule a phone call with us for personal-level support during regular business hours.

How are skills defined?

Using a proprietary technology we have classified all twitter users into 60,000 skills. Our system actually ‘reads’ every tweet sent by each and every user, to decide the topic it discusses and based on an analysis of the engagement around that tweet from the audience chooses the relevant skills and score in that skill.

How does Klear measures influence?

Our Influencer Search Engine enables searching for people through the entire twitter universe, filtering by four influence tiers: Novice, Casual, Power Users, and Celebrities. Influence level is determined to take into account multiple parameters from our profiling system referenced with the entire twitter universe. These include activity, popularity, and communicative levels, audience strength, following/followers ratio, close network activity and strength, top content amplification levels and more.

How is Activity, Popularity, and Communicativity metrics being measured?

These are all-time metrics based on 3 years of retrospective data (on average). move your pointer over each profile metric to show the data figures.

Activity: tweets/day, posts/wk, photos/wk

Popularity: Retweets/100Tweets, likes/post, like/photo

Communicativity: Replies/100Tweets, comments/post, comments/photo
The green/blue bar by each metric provides a benchmark to the entire twitter universe.

Can I filter by multiple skills?

Yes. Simply search by skill, then use the skill filter on the left sidebar to tick another skill. Results shown would be of profiles that have skill A AND skill B together.


What is a profile’s Talked With section?

This section shows people that had conversations with this account, arranged by the number of conversations that they had. This section provides a unique look into the close network of any person or brand, by analyzing two-way conversations throughout time.

Can I access historical data?

Yes, we offer access to historical data that spans over an average of three years retrospective in our Overview tab of any profile.

How far backwards does the KPI monitor shows?

The monitoring data layer tracks information based on the custom setup made by the user. This tracks and shows all data from the moment of setting up and onwards, and would usually also show up to 1 week of historical data (or a max of 3,000 mentions) at the moment of setup. Once the monitor has been running for a sufficient time, time frame selection for historical data view can be selected by the user.

Can I monitor several brands on one PRO account?

Yes, you can monitor multiple brands on your Pro account. No credentials are needed to set up monitors for competitors, and you can monitor any social accounts that you chose to. We recommend that you set up some competitors as well as leading companies in your business space so that you can gain relevant insights from analyzing their activity.

Can I access full followers demographics?

Yes, you can. The default demographics analysis is based on 5K followers. We offer solutions that include up to full followers analysis on demand for enterprise clients. Please contact us for more details.

How do I configure the brand mentions?

The Brand Mentions define which keywords are being tracked by the system. When configuring a brand, these should precisely define how people mention the brand online.

Can I monitor keywords?

Yes, you can set up keyword monitors of your choice. These can track one keyword or a set of keywords, and would provide comprehensive information, including metrics, content, demographics of that audience, and access to the database of people who mentioned these predefined keyword/s. Keyword monitors can be used to monitor campaigns, hashtags, conferences, and much more. Learn more about it here.

Can people see I’ve added them to a List?

No, lists are private. Lists let you manage profiles for campaigns, PR events, influencer marketing, and more. You can import lists from a CSV file into a Klear List, and also export a List into a twitter List or to a CSV file.

How can I add Instagram to a profile?

On any profile that doesn’t have Instagram connected, simply click the ‘Find On Instagram’ at the bottom right, search for the right account and click connect. The system will fetch the data on the fly and build the combined profile for you within a minute or so.

How can I export a list?

Go into Lists using the top bar menu, select the list that you are looking to export, and click the export to CSV.

download CSV

How frequently does the data updates?

Data is updated constantly, with priority to more active accounts. Profiles that have not been updated in the past 24 hours indicate the last update on the right-hand side and enable an on-demand update.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your subscription, please go to your Dashboard Configuration page, and into Billing. If you are paying through Paypal, follow the cancel at Paypal link.