More than half of all social media users worldwide are from the Asia Pacific region. Almost all of them have access to social media through their mobile devices. These two metrics make the Asia Pacific region highly attractive for brands and agencies.

Finding influencers in this Asian market starts with setting the right monitors. There are a few methods to find influencers in the Asian-Pacific market with Klear.

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Search with location filters
  • Monitor brands from the Asian-Pacific regions
  • Look into a brands’ top followers
  • Examine an influencer’s close network
  • Monitor keywords or hashtags in various languages

Search with Location Filters

The Influencer Search Engine offers few ways to specify a search: by skills, social platform, and location. To search for influencers in a certain location, go to the Influencer Search Engine under the Influencers tab on the main menu and type in any location. You can add a skill or leave it empty. Klear allows you to narrow the search to specific countries, states, or cities.

Influencers in Jakarta


Monitor Regional Social Profiles

Some brands dedicate unique social handles for the Asian-Pacific markets. When adding brands to monitor, choose the Asian-Pacific social profiles.

For instance, Intel operates different social accounts for its regions. For the Indonesian market, we would choose these social media profiles:

Intel Indonesia social media profiles

Look Into the Brands’ Top Followers

Once you have configured the brand monitors, look into the brands’ network of followers. Dive into the list of followers and people who have interacted with the brand and filter the list of people by their influence level, skills, location, and more.

top followers of a brand

Check out the Influencer’s best friends

Generally speaking, people tend to connect with like-minded people. That’s also the case with influencers. They seek people to share experiences and ideas with. After you’ve found a few influencers, check who they talk with the most. The influencer’s friends can be relevant for you as well. Read more about it here.

Influencer best friends

Specify Languages in the Keyword Monitors

Klear keyword monitor enables search in various languages. To monitor hashtags, keywords, or phrases in different languages, add them to a Keyword monitor:

monitoring keywords in different languages


Sometimes we would prefer to monitor English keywords mentioned by non-English speakers. For instance, Japanese gamers who talk about the Xbox game console. For this kind of results, we would add a language code. The code for Japanese is: ja. In our example, we would input this query: xbox lang:ja.

Here’s an example of tracking three different keywords – xbox, PS4 and the video game Fallout 4 – mentioned by Japanese speakers:

monitor English keywords for Japanese users

To specify the language in your search, use these codes:


Code to add

























Need more help with setting the keyword monitor? Read: How to configure keyword monitors on Klear