Welcome to Klear

This guide will help you get started with Klear. In this quick manual you will learn how to:

  1. Monitor Brands and Profiles
  2. Monitor Keywords, Phrases, and Hashtags
  3. Set an Instagram Hashtag to Monitor
  4. Find Influencers and Power Users
  5. Group People into Lists

Let’s get started:

1. Monitor Brands and Profiles

The first step in social media listening is to define the brands you wish to monitor. The Brand monitor analyzes the performance of a brand on social platforms. The monitor shows the number of mentions of a brand, what the mentions are, who made them, and much more.

It is recommended to monitor various profiles including your own brand, your competitors’ brands, and other brands in your space.

Adding those monitors will help you later benchmark your performance, see which content works best for your target audience, and find influencers and people who are interested in those brands.

To add a Brand monitor, go to the Klear homepage and click the Plus sign:

Brand Monitors homepage


Then, type in the brand’s social media accounts:

add monitor

Learn more about brand monitoring here.

2. Track hashtags, phrases and keywords

A keyword monitor tracks social mentions of a broad set of keywords. Setting the right keywords to monitor will help you discover what people are saying about a brand or topic, who they are, their influence and interests, and more.

Use the Keyword Monitors to track:

  • Keywords (e.g., Zara)
  • Phrases (e.g., “Zara’s new collection”)
  • Hashtags (e.g., #Zara2016) 

The keyword monitors can track fully boolean queries, such as: “Should I stay?” OR “Should I go?”. In this case, the keyword monitor will track either of these two sentences. 

To add a new Keyword monitor, go to the Klear homepage, choose Keywords, and then click the Plus sign:

keyword monitors

Use the instructions button to get help with writing the best queries.  Click Preview to see what kind of results you would expect from the query.

set a boolean query

3. Track Instagram Hashtags

In addition to the keywords that you’ve set in the Keyword monitor, you can monitor a specific hashtag on Instagram.  This will help you get deep insights into the audience using it, their demographics, top mentions of the hashtags, etc. 

There are two places to specify the Instagram hashtag in order to track it:  

Brand monitor:

The brand monitor tracks automatically mentions of an Instagram hashtag named after the brand’s social account. For instance, for the Instagram profile of Zara, the monitor will be set automatically as #zara. If you want to specify a different hashtag, go to the manual setting and define a different hashtag.

brand monitor hashtag

Keyword monitor:

In the keyword monitor, add the hashtag in the special Instagram box:

keyword monitor hashtag

4. Find Influencers and Power Users

The first step in influencer marketing is to identify the best influencers that fit your needs.  If you are just taking your first steps in influencer marketing, learn more about it in our guide.

There are a few ways to find relevant influencers and power users with Klear:

Use the influencer search engine

Go to the Influencers tab on the main menu and run your search by skill and/or location: 

influencers search engine

Find users among the network of a relevant brand

Once you’ve set brand monitors, check the brand’s network tab and find people who follow or interact with the brand. You can follow these steps for your own brand or for any other brand: 


6 - Brand fans

Look into the close network of an influencer

Generally speaking, people most interact with like-minded people. Look into the inner circle of the influencers to find who they most interact with.  Find the close network of an influencer under the section of Communicated With on their profile page:

Talked with

Go directly to a social profile

Do you already know who the person that you’re looking for is? Enter the social username in the main menu or in the social profiles’ search box on the homepage:

social profiles search

5. Group people in Lists

Tracking all the mentions of your brand champions can be difficult without the right tool. That’s where Lists come in handy.

Add people to Lists in order to:

  1. See how people mentioned any of the brand or keyword monitors.
  2. Sort your influencers by different metrics, such as influence, audience, skills, and more.
  3. Add notes: The lists are your private influencers CRM. Add comments to any influencer in your list.
  4. Export a list of people to a Twitter private list.
  5. Export a list to a CSV file.

Adding people to Lists:

Add each one individually

In any profile, click the blue button “Add to List” and then add the profile to a new or existing List:

add to list

Add a bulk of people to a list

Go to the network tab in a brand or keyword monitor, and then click the Add to List button:

Add bulk of people to list

Read more about how to use Lists at How To Configure And Use Klear Lists.

For more tips and guides, visit Klear Knowledge Base.