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How To Add Additional Networks To An Influencer Profile

This guide will explain how to add networks to influencers profiles on Klear. Click on the setting icon at the top right corner of every Klear profile. Type in the correct handle for the desired network and click the Save button. If you want to add a YouYube channel, copy the backhalf of the channel […]

How To Customize EMV Values

This guide will explain how to customize your EMV (Earned Media Value) so you can accurately measure the value of the content in your campaigns. Klear provides you with baseline values for EMV but we understand these values might not match the benchmark for every market or industry.to make sure you get the most accurate […]

Content Approval – Brand Side

This guide will explain how to manage Content Approval in your campaigns.follow this link for more information on how influencers send content for approval. 1) Activate Content Approval Go the campaign in which you want to use the content approval feature and click on Edit Campaign. Scroll to the bottom of the setting section and […]

Content Approval – Influencer Side

This guide will explain how influencers can send content for approval using Klear.follow this link for more information on how brands manage content approval in campaigns. Upload Content For Approval After accepting a campaign invite, look for the Content Approval requirement at the top of the campaign brief and click on it to upload your […]

Link Clicks Tracking

This guide will explain how to send and track link clicks on influencers posts in your campaign. 1) Create and Send a Tracking Link After you’ve invited an influencer to your campaign and the invite was accepted, go to the Connect tab in your campaign, select the influencer from the list and click the + […]

How To Tag Brands On Instagram Stories

This guide will explain how influencers should tag brands on Instagram Stories to make sure the content will be captured by the campaign monitor. Please Note:– you must have a business or a creator Instagram account, authenticated with Klear before you can use this feature.– If you are posting multiple frames story you will have […]

Authenticating Instagram Business Account With Klear

This guide will explain how to authenticate any Business or Creator Instagram account with Klear, allowing improved audience demographics data, authenticated posts stats and the ability to track Instagram Stories. Please Note: Make sure “Connect Instagram Business” requirement is active in your campaign brief. 1) Invite Influencers to Join Your Campaign In your campaign, go […]

How to Create a Campaign PDF Report?

Klear helps you measure and report how well your influencer campaign is performing. Our PDF reports provide all the highlights from the campaign, including a performance analysis of the influencers who joined the campaign. The campaign report is sent directly to your email on demand. Here’s what to expect in the Campaign Report: A campaign summary: how […]

How to Configure Keyword Monitors on Klear

Configuring Keyword Trackers Keywords are any set of one or more words that you can track on social media networks. Setting keyword trackers allows you to monitor: The number of mentions per day of each keyword Demographics of users who’ve mentioned the keyword Noticeable influencers who’ve mentioned the keyword recently The most popular content around the […]

How to Monitor Content Around Your Brand

Social media analytics dashboards provide a wealth of information at one centralized location. For example, you can determine how many times your brand was mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over the course of a specific period of time. When you measure indicators such as the number of engagements you have received on a particular […]