How to Configure Keyword Monitors on Klear

Configuring Keyword Trackers

Keywords are any set of one or more words that you can track on social media networks.

Setting keyword trackers allows you to monitor:

  1. The number of mentions per day of each keyword
  2. Demographics of users who’ve mentioned the keyword
  3. Noticeable influencers who’ve mentioned the keyword recently
  4. The most popular content around the keyword.

1. Add a New Keyword Monitor

From the Klear homepage, go to the Monitors box and choose Keywords:

keyword monitors

Click the Plus sign to open the Keyword monitor configuration.

Keyword monitor configuration

2. Name Your Keyword Tracker

Give your new Keyword Tracker a name.

The Tracker Name can be any combination of characters.

It’s best to name your Keyword Tracker with a relevant and easy to remember nickname.

3. Define the Keywords You Want to Track

Klear will track all mentions of the keywords you define.

Monitoring keywords will help you with understanding who is talking about these keywords, their demographics, what the top content around the subject is, and much more.

Basic Rules for Defining Keywords on Klear


Finds content that

Michael Jordan

containing both “Michael” and “Jordan”. This is the default operator

“Michael Jordan”

containing the exact phrase “Michael Jordan”

Michael OR Jordan

containing either “Michael” or “Jordan” (or both)

NIKE -Jordan

containing “NIKE” but not “Jordan”


containing the hashtag “klear”


sent from the user @jack


sent to the user @jack


mentioning @jack

superhero since:2011-05-09

containing “superhero” and sent since date “2011-05-09” (year-month-day).

superhero until:2011-05-09

containing “superhero” and sent before the date “2011-05-09”.

traffic ?

containing “traffic” and asking a question.

hilarious filter:links

containing “hilarious” and with a URL.

news source:tweet_button

containing “news” and entered via the Tweet Button

Click Preview to see a sample of results you can expect from your query. When you’re done, click Add Monitor.

4. Define an Instagram Hashtag to Track

Instagram hashtags keyword monitor

5. Edit a Keyword Monitor

After you’ve set the keyword monitor, you can check its configuration and modify it. To see the monitor’s configuration and edit it:

  1. Go to the keyword monitor
  2. Press the Cog icon
  3. Modify the keywords to track and click Save

keyword monitor configuration