Utilizing Klear Lists for Better Online Monitoring

Klear Lists assist brands with maximizing the ROI of their social media marketing campaigns. Klear Lists group together social profiles and present how users mentioned the brands and keywords that you monitor, how influential they were, how many engagements they’ve created, and more.

The lists can be customized to fit your needs. Pick from influential people in certain professions who’ve achieved a certain level of social media influence, live in a targeted geographical location, have ideal audience demographics, or have mastered certain skills.

There are four ways to add people to Lists:

Add each one individually

In any profile, click the “Add to List” button and then add the profile to a new list or to an existing one:

add a profile to a list

Add from the Influencer search engine results

Add a new member from the Klear Influencers Search Engine. After searching for influencers, use the “Add to List” button:

Add profile from search results

Add a bulk of people to a list

Go to the network tab in a brand or keyword monitor, and then click the Add to List button:

bulk add to lists

Import a List

On the List tab, click the “Import List from CSV” button. Then, choose a network and paste your list of influencers. Click Import when done:

Import a list

1. Manage the Klear Lists

On your main Klear Pro menu, click Lists on the top menu.

Manage Lists

2. How Can I Locate a Specific Klear List

On the main Lists screen, click the List Name. Alternatively, Use the “All” button, on the top left side to open a list that details all your previously created Lists.

Click on the List Name to reach the main page.

Klear influencers lists

3. What Does a Klear List Include

The Members tab of the Klear Lists features includes:

  • Profile links: click the profiles’ images to go to their full profile pages.
  • How many times each list member mentioned the brands and keywords that you’re tracking.
  • Fans: total number of fans, or Twitter/Instagram/Facebook fans
  • Influence (Read: how Klear measures influence)
  • Skills
  • Location
  • Activity level
  • Popularity
  • Responsiveness


On the Members tab,  you can also add Comments about each list member. The notes that are left in the comments box are completely private.


You can also connect with each profile on the social networks by clicking the connected networks icons:

connect with influencers

4. How Did the Influencers Mention Your Brand

campaign mentions

The Mentions tab of Klear Lists provides essential information about the influencers’ content, such as:

  • How the list members mentioned the brands or keywords that you’re monitoring.
  • The number of times that each person listed has mentioned your brand.
  • The content’s reach and engagement level.

5. Export and Share the Lists

Export a list options

Each list can be exported to a CSV file and to a PDF report.

You can also share the list with anyone, even non-registered users of Klear. To share a list, choose the list and the relevant monitor, and then click the Share List option.

share list