Klear mapped more than 500 million Twitter accounts with their corresponding Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Twitter accounts were classified into more than 60 thousand Skills. The Klear system actually ‘reads’ every tweet sent by each and every Twitter account and analyzes the topic discussed in the message. Based on the analysis of engagements around each tweet, including its’ audience, Klear determines the relevant Skills of each account.

1. Find Influencers in Your Niche

Go to the Influencers tab in the main menu.

Type your topic and choose the relevant field from the dropdown menu.

influencers search engine


2. Find Influencers in a Specific Location

You can narrow your search to a specific geographical location.

Choose a specific location by typing it in the Location box.

Klear allows you to narrow your search to specific Countries (e.g. United States), States (e.g. United States / California) and Cities (e.g. United States / California / Los Angeles).

Find influencers by location


3. What Information Can Klear Provide Me About Influencers?

Klear can provide you with an abundant amount of information about each influencer, including:

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account names
  • Geographical location (e.g. Los Angeles)
  • The Influencer’s Skills (e.g. Fashion, Blogging)
  • Number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Top content by the influencer
  • Recent content by the influencer
  • Mentions of brands and keywords that you monitor
  • The influencer’s audience demographics
  • The influencer’s network of followers
  • Who the influencer most communicates with

influencers search results


You can connect with each user from the Influencer Search Engine by clicking the Person menu:

connect with an influencer

In addition, you can add each Twitter account to a Twitter List.

4. How Can I Filter the Influencers Lists?

On the left side of the screen you can find the filtering bar, subdivided as follows:


Network of influence


filter results by the level of influence

Influence level is determined by taking multiple parameters into account from the Klear profiling system in reference to the entire Twitter universe.

These parameters include activity, popularity, communication levels, audience strength, following/followers ratio, close network activity and strength, top content amplification levels, and much more.

You can choose how influential the accounts displayed from the search engine are. For example, “celebrities” might be out of reach for the average marketer, but searching for ‘Power Users’ may present you with influential people that are wide-reaching, responsive, and would be happy to connect.


filter results by location

filter results by location

Here you have the option to narrow your target population further down to country, state, and city – anywhere worldwide.


Influencers skills

Define your Influencers by choosing additional skills. Results shown will be of profiles that have skill “A” AND skill “B” together. Naturally, the more skills you add, the smaller the population you get.

Skill Focus

skill focus

Find users that are very focused on the selected skill by choosing the Narrow option. Alternatively, you can expand the results by choosing the Broad option, which finds users with a more broad focus on the selected skills. 

Exclude Results

Exclude results

Filter out profiles of brands or profiles that are low in activity, engagement (popularity), or responsiveness.


Gender filter

How Do I create a List of Influencers?

Manage your influencers and see their performance in a curated list. Learn more about it here.