How to Monitor Content Around Your Brand

Social media analytics dashboards provide a wealth of information at one centralized location. For example, you can determine how many times your brand was mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over the course of a specific period of time.

When you measure indicators such as the number of engagements you have received on a particular platform, you can check the progress and effectiveness of your marketing and branding strategy.

Monitor The Most Popular Content About Your Brand

To effectively monitor your social media activity, you must determine what content has the greatest traction with your audience. After all, the key to any successful marketing campaign is effective customer engagement.

This means you need to have access to data that reveals your most successful campaigns for the purpose of duplicating and refining the process. When your business can identify popular content, it allows you to structure and adjust the campaign in response to the data in question.

As your business identifies popularity trends of its’ social media content, it leads the platform to study the content and identify the common factors within these trends. This makes the creation of content more precise. It also increases the chance of the content performing well on a given topic.

Setting Brand and Keyword Monitors

First, create a Brand monitor after your brand’s social profiles.

Second, create a Keyword monitor after relevant keywords, hashtags and phrases that are related to your brand. For instance, in addition to its brand, Nike can monitor the hashtag #JustDoIt and also the “Just do it”slogan.

Need help with setting those monitors? Learn more here.

After the monitors are set, go to each one of them and check the graph of mentions. Any point on the graph is clickable and opens a view to the top content of the day.

brand monitors

Next, check the content Tab and look into the Earned content. The earned content contains all the posts and tweets in a certain time frame where people have mentioned your brand:

earned media

Monitor The Most Popular Content Published By Your Brand

One aspect of developing content for social media that doesn’t receive enough attention is the importance of creating sharable content. Not all content types are shared at the same rate.

Content that gets shared is vital to broadening your core audience. What makes content shareable? That’s not an easy to answer question – there are many factors that affect whether content is shareable or not.

Ultimately, it depends on the audience and the context of the engagement. There’s no universal approach to creating shareable content. However, some variables stand out.

Monitoring the popular content published by your own brand is quite similar to the practice above. The brand monitors that you’ve previously set are ready to monitor the content published by your social profile. Check the Engagement section at the brand monitor to see how your content performed.

engagements on social

Click each network to see deeper insights:

measure engagement on instagram

On the content tab, check the Owned media. The owned media is the content that was published by the your social profiles:

Owned media