As Instagram has grown, stories have become increasingly more popular. For many users, these 24-hour posts are the bulk of their by-the-minute updates for their followers.

To have the most detailed analysis of an influencer campaign, you can use Klear to capture mentions of your monitors in Stories and infeed posts. Stories posted by influencers that have authenticated their Instagram account can be monitored like any other Instagram post, providing a more complete picture of a person’s reach on the platform.

Instagram Stories Stats

The tracking of Stories works the same way as tracking for Instagram posts. If a monitored hashtag or a brand’s Instagram handle is in the story, Klear will pick it up. Klear will count each unique view of the story towards that influencer’s reach, and each message the story receives as an engagement. Both of those numbers will also be added to the top-level metrics for a campaign.

Best of all, the story remains on Klear permanently, even after the original story has run out its 24 hour lifespan.

An example of story tracking in a campaign.

Custom Branding Set-up

Klear provides an easy way to send your influencers an invite to connect their networks, so you can track their Instagram stories and get more data. In order to add custom branding to this invitation, go into the main Settings tab, under the Account tab, upload your logo and choose a color that represents your brand. These will be used in the invitation you send to influencers, as well as in campaign reports.

Campaign Invite

In order to track their stories, the influencer must have an Instagram Business Account that is connected to a Facebook account. Instructions on how to do this are here.

Once this is done, or if the influencer already had a business account, their account must be authenticated with Klear:

  1. Go to the campaign containing the influencers you want to track.
  2. Click on the share button on the top right.
  3. Choose “Campaign Invite” from the menu.
  4. Set a custom message for the invite (or use the default one).
  5. Send the invite link to your influencers.

Clicking on the link will bring the influencer to the invite page, where they will be prompted to authenticate their account. Authentication works the same as connecting any third-party app to a Facebook account.

Notice that on this page, the influencer’s YouTube account can also be authenticated. This will provide you with their YouTube audience demographics.

Example of an influencer’s invite page.

Influencer’s Authentication Video Walkthrough

Following these steps will help you maximize the accuracy of the measurement of your campaign performance by giving insight into all angles of the campaign. When it comes to your influencers, every view their content receives adds to your brand’s awareness and translates directly to value.

For more info please contact your account manager.