Klear = Smarter Marketing.  Our approach is to link the world’s largest private database of Influencers with our Social Listening technology. Influencer Marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media monitoring and Klear answers all these needs in one place.

Here are the common uses for Klear and how to make the most out of the unique platform:

1. Find Influencers with the Influencer Search Engine

Klear owns the most sophisticated influencer search engine in the market. With a simple search, you can dive into more than 500 million profiles in 60,000 categories.

To get started, go to the Influencers Tab and search for influencers by their location and/or by their field of expertise.

 Klear influencers Search Engine


Read more about the Influencers Search Engine.

 2. Qualify Your Next Social Partners

Get all user insights you need to make sure you are focusing on the right people.

Klear profiles help you understand within seconds who exactly is the person you are looking at and whether they fit your needs or not.

Klear profiles show all the metrics you need in one place. In each profile page, you can see in what categories the person is influential in, how friendly they are, on what social networks they’re influential in, their audiences’ demographics, what kind of content they share, and much more. With just a glimpse you can quickly and easily decide if this person best fits your marketing objectives.

Influencer Profile Overview

3. Manage Your Influencer Network in Lists

Gather all the people you have discovered and wish to engage with in one place:  Klear Lists.

The lists will help you manage your influencer program and keep track of your outreach and influencer activation.

Influencers Campaign Management

Watch: Manage Your Influencers with Klear Lists

 4. Measure Success

Measure the success of your influencer program.  With the Lists overview, you can understand the impact of the influencers on your brand and quantify KPIs and ROI.

Access granular metrics to understand the impact of each individual and the content equity that was generated for your brand.  Evaluate how the influencer mentioned the brands in your landscape, view the created content and measure its’ social impact.
Influencer campaign measurement

Learn more about the Klear lists.

5. Download a Tailored Audience for a Targeted Campaigns

Are you running paid campaigns on Twitter or Instagram?  Download the list of influential people you’ve found on Klear and use it as a tailored audience for specific campaigns. Just click the Export option in the Lists tab and generate a CSV file for your next paid campaign.

Download CSV


6. Listen to the Chatter

Cut through the clutter of the social web with Klear listening monitors.

Monitor mentions of your brand and other companies in your landscape, find out who is engaging with these brands, and see what people are saying about them. With Klear you can listen to the social networks, see what content creates the most successful engagements, discover influential people to connect with, and more.
Influencer campaign monitor

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7. Know Your Competitors

Klear listening capabilities are not limited to your brand only.  Set the monitors to track the social activity of your competitors and other companies in your landscape.  With the Brand Monitors you will learn:

  • What is the most popular content shared by the brand
  • What is the most popular content created by the brand’s audience
  • Audience demographics
  • Who are the brand champions
  • Who follows and engages with the brand
  • How fast they grow, and more.

Brand mentions

 8. Flexible Listening with Keyword Monitoring

With Klear you can monitor mentions and conversations in various formats and multiple languages.

The powerful keyword monitors can track any set of keywords, hashtags, and phrases in fully boolean queries.

The keyword monitors can be set to track content in different languages, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Japanese, and more.

 Keyword monitor settings

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Let’s Go!

Ready to get started? Read more about how to make the first steps with Klear.
For more tips and guides, visit Klear Knowledge Base.