There are two ways to see how people mentioned the brands and keywords in your landscape. In this guide you will learn how to see the mentions in the profile page and in the Lists overview. Let’s get started!

See Mentions in a Profile Page

To see how a specific person mentioned brands and keywords that you monitor, first, go to the profile page, then check the Insights section:

landscape mentions

The Insights section shows which monitors were mentioned by this profile and how many times.

Click the icon of the Brand or Keyword monitor to see the actual mentions:

Brand mentions by an influencers

See Mentions in the Lists

The second way to see landscape mentions is with the List overview. The list shows how the influencers that you’ve added to a list mentioned the monitors you follow.

1. Go to the Lists tab from the main navigation bar:

lists tab

2. Choose your List:

list of lists

3. Pick the brand or keyword monitor whose mentions you wish to see:

list - choosing a monitor


4. Click the Mentions tab to see what the influencers in your list have said about the brand:

lists mentions

Having trouble setting the Lists? Read more about it at How To Configure And Use Klear Lists.

For more tips and guides, visit Klear Knowledge Base.