Link Clicks Tracking

This guide will explain how to send and track link clicks on influencers posts in your campaign.

1) Create and Send a Tracking Link

After you’ve invited an influencer to your campaign and the invite was accepted, go to the Connect tab in your campaign, select the influencer from the list and click the + icon in the messaging section.

Select Tracking Links from the dropdown menu.

Enter the final URL, where you want users to land after clicking the link on the influencer post.
if you have pre-defined UTMs, you can add them here. otherwise, we will automatically tag your link with our custom UTMs.

Your Tracking Link is ready.
the shortened URL contained the UTM parameters.
you can add a title to help you recognize your links and the message to the influencer is fully customizable.
Click the send button to send the link to the influencer along with the message.

The influencer will receive a Klear message and an email notification with the tracking link and message you sent.

2) Manage and Track Links

To manage and view all the links you’ve sent to an influencer go the Action of the selected influencer.
Click Manage Links to see all available links in your campaign.

Use the drop-down menu on the top right corner to switch between influencers or see links for all of the influencers in the campaign at the same time.
You can delete a link if you no longer want to track clicks on it in your campaign.

Link Clicks by influencers who posted content which got captured by the campaign monitor will also appear as part of your campaign KPIs.

Use Google Analytics to measure website traffics and conversion, driven by your influencers, using our custom UTMs parameters.

Download a PDF version of this guide

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