The best influencer campaigns start with picking creative and motivated influencers.

To help you jump-start your campaign, you can now find hand-picked Vetted Influencers who are waiting to collaborate with you. The Vetted Influencers are now available as part of the influencer search engine, as an additional search filter.

To easily notice them in the search results, the Vetted Influencers are marked with a “V” badge on their profile picture.


Who Are the Vetted Influencers?

Klear Vetted Influencers are people who are looking to collaborate with brands and have been vetted by the Klear team. These creators provided info on previous brand collaborations, their pricing, an intro, and more.

You can send them a direct message on Klear to collaborate. They will get the message as a notification on Klear and also by email.

The Vetted Influencers are waiting for new partnerships, so don’t hesitate to send them a message!